Whose Insight is it Anyway.

We all have brains. Forgive the mundane. However, let’s re-familiarize with ala Brain Extraordinaire. There is no instance in our annual innovation reviews or daily social media existence, we miss highlighting the extraordinary prowess of the brain as an information processing system. Our logical mind. We exalt it. “I think, therefore I am”. And things that our rational mind finds fiddly, we ask Siri for … Continue reading Whose Insight is it Anyway.

Is morality coded in our brains?

What is morality? Really, what is morality? Is there any inherently good or bad out there? Is it innate or learned? These questions have been keeping the philosophy of morality busy for a very long time. However, the relevance of the topic is not limited to the field of philosophy. We perceive, we feel, we think, and we act with our brain. Hence, we make … Continue reading Is morality coded in our brains?