Will Neurocriminology make Minority Report real?

  Since the ISIS attacks in Paris on November 13th 2015, successive terrorist attacks have occurred throughout Europe and other parts of the world. People across the world are horrified by terrorists represented by ISIS and demand solutions to prevent future terrorist attacks by any means. It seems that counter-terrorism is now an immediate problem … Continue reading Will Neurocriminology make Minority Report real?

Does “Neuropolitics” Make Neuroscience Great Again?

With the U.S. Presidential Elections looming around the corner, you don’t have to be American to find yourself following the campaigns, be it voluntarily or involuntarily.  You might have had a myriad of thoughts, ranging from “Haha, there’s no way he’s running for President!” to “Haha, there’s no way anyone would vote for him!” to … Continue reading Does “Neuropolitics” Make Neuroscience Great Again?