Investigating Burnout – Getting Burned Out?

“ trying to keep his ideal world as upright as possible, it is terminated... inevitably leading to a collapse, Ben is diagnosed with burnout... Now the battle begins, against depression, self-doubt and prejudice. But also, the path to independent life begins...” [1]   These words are from the play, “Das Burnout”, which premiered last year … Continue reading Investigating Burnout – Getting Burned Out?

When Emotions are misleading: Effects of Anxiety and Depression on Decision Making

Have you been feeling anxious or depressed lately? It’s okay, 2016 has been tough on all of us. Despite the discomfort that comes with negative emotions, they are a crucial part of our lives. However, when emotions get out of balance, they can lead to some pretty poor decision making. In extreme cases it can get … Continue reading When Emotions are misleading: Effects of Anxiety and Depression on Decision Making

Second Blooming: Age-related Positivity Effect

"To keep the heart unwrinkled, to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent-  that is to triumph over old age."  Thomas Bailey Aldrich [1] By examining the faces on famous paintings in galleries, we conventionally see wisdom, nobleness, and dignity; but also melancholy, loneliness, and fatigue. Happy, vigorous, and cheerful characters are rarely found in canvases. Particularly, … Continue reading Second Blooming: Age-related Positivity Effect

Does “Neuropolitics” Make Neuroscience Great Again?

With the U.S. Presidential Elections looming around the corner, you don’t have to be American to find yourself following the campaigns, be it voluntarily or involuntarily.  You might have had a myriad of thoughts, ranging from “Haha, there’s no way he’s running for President!” to “Haha, there’s no way anyone would vote for him!” to … Continue reading Does “Neuropolitics” Make Neuroscience Great Again?