Tuning decisions with deep brain stimulation

‘All right, Mr. Glas*, we’ll switch you on now.’ The young neurologist is carrying an old-fashioned electronic device the size of a first-generation mobile phone. ‘I’m just going to check your battery status.’ Mr. Glas nods. The 68-year old man is exhausted. He travelled all the way to Berlin from a village in Brandenburg. Now, … Continue reading Tuning decisions with deep brain stimulation

Investigating Burnout – Getting Burned Out?

“...in trying to keep his ideal world as upright as possible, it is terminated... inevitably leading to a collapse, Ben is diagnosed with burnout... Now the battle begins, against depression, self-doubt and prejudice. But also, the path to independent life begins...” [1]   These words are from the play, “Das Burnout”, which premiered last year … Continue reading Investigating Burnout – Getting Burned Out?