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Why do we fear terror?

A walk-through the world of decision making under risk. Continue reading Why do we fear terror?


How to Learn “Alienese”?

Following the civil war in Syria, Europe has granted asylum to thousands of refugees in 2015 and 2016. Teaching the local language to the newly arrived is an important key element to achieve a successful integration. Let’s examine science behind it! Continue reading How to Learn “Alienese”?

Blanks for the memories: Why we can’t remember our first years of life.

Recent findings reveal the causes of infantile amnesia. Do you remember how you learned to walk or speak? Do you have any memories about experiences before the age of three at all? No? Don’t worry, this phenomenon applies to all of us and is known as infantile amnesia. Infantile amnesia refers to the inability of adults to recall memories of early childhood. This fact seems … Continue reading Blanks for the memories: Why we can’t remember our first years of life.

Neurociencia y Educación: ¿mundos ajenos?

To read this post in English please click here. La Neurodidáctica y la Neuroeducación, ¿un aula basado en el cerebro? Cuando pienso en un “aula basada en el cerebro” me imagino una escena como ésta: ¿Qué te transmite la imagen? ¿Te gustaría que un aula fuera así? Para cualquier especialista en el ámbito de la enseñanza y el aprendizaje, la escena futurista del “Brain-Based Classroom” … Continue reading Neurociencia y Educación: ¿mundos ajenos?